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Pretty in Pink

On a normal day, I am corralling my 3 boys long enough to get through their homeschooling. After that battle is either won or lost, we then tend goats, make meals, make soap, and dash from one activity to the next.

It's a wonderful life with A LOT of boy energy. My boys love dinosaurs, wrestling, lasers, superheroes, Legos, climbing, jumping, fighting, and being "ranch kids." For the most part, I'm a boy mom.

Lillee is my oldest. The lone girl. She's a tough kid, but she loves being my girlie princess. She loves dancing, singing, performing, makeup, clothes, jewelry, etc.

She has a lot of aunts, a couple girl cousins, and lots of girl-friends. So, we thought we were doing alright with our ratio.

This year, when we got the surprise that we were having another baby, Lillee burst into tears.

"It's just going to be another boy!!"

From her experience, those were the odds.

However, heaven was on her side, and this January we welcomed a little baby GIRL into the family.

And boy, are we happy to have another lady.

When Lillee met her in the hospital, our baby girl opened her eyes, they looked at each other, and it was love at first sight.

When we brought her home, my youngest son looked at her and said,

"I was meant to be an older brother."

We are all basking in our love for this little girl. Lucky for me, my parents flew into town to help with the kids for the first week while we rested.

My sister will be coming to town next week to help with the chores and manage the shop while baby and I continue taking our much-needed down-time. Speaking of which.......

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