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My Story

Hi, I’m Alexis.

I live in Parma, Idaho, with my husband, 5 kids, and a herd of goats.

My daughter, Lillee, has sensitive skin and eczema. After many failed efforts to alleviate her discomfort with specialty soaps, lotions, and treatments from the store, I decided to make my own soap from scratch.


My soaps not only nourished her skin, but she began to enjoy bath-time as the soap both smelled good and looked pretty. 

It wasn’t far in my journey when I realized I had excess soap left over. I started selling to friends and family and had a few requests for wedding favors. Sales grew enough to sell at local farmer’s markets and tradeshows. Out of this grew a small business. 

I make and sell custom, homemade, goat's milk soaps that are friendly on sensitive skin. 

I now share my Lillee Creations with you.

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