Our Story

Hi, I’m Alexis. I live in Parma, Idaho with my husband, 4 kids, and a herd of goats. In many ways, we are an entrepreneurial family. My two oldest children show goats at fairs. My husband is working on his own start-up company. 

I started making soap in my kitchen in 2017.  My daughter and three sons have sensitive skin. I took suggestions from doctors, to neighbors, to holistic resources, to family members for products they recommended to help alleviate their discomfort. Although friendly and professional, the products they recommended weren’t very helpful.

After a while, I told my husband I wanted to throw away every bottle of lotion and every bar of soap away and start from starch with handmade soap. A few days later I had my first kit. Perhaps it would be a bit more work, but I enjoyed the fulfillment of providing the service to my family. We still keep a few lotions around the house, but my kids love the colorful soaps that help their skin feel better. 

I wasn’t too far in my journey when I realized I always had excess soap left over. I started selling to friends and family, and grew enough to sell at local farmer’s markets. A niece and then a sister asked for soap wedding favors. Out of this grew a small business.


I make and sell custom, homemade soaps that are friendly on sensitive skin. 

In 2020, I enlisted my sister, Erica. She had business experience from her own entrepreneurial ventures and was ready to take on a new project. She moved to Idaho in April of 2021, and is now my business partner/ candle-maker/social media manager.